Emergency Medicine Research

Vancouver General Hospital Emergency Medicine Research has a broad clinical research program, and is involved in multiple national and local studies.

Key areas of investigation include cardiac arrest, trauma, substance abuse, toxicology, pharmacology, clinical decision rules, hyperbaric medicine, respiratory illnesses, falls in the elderly and domestic violence.


Dr. Jeff Brubacher, Director of the program


  • Located at Vancouver General Hospital
  • The program has many clinicians, scientists and trainees
  • First site in Canada to trial the world’s first pocket-sized ultrasound device (Dubbed the “stethoscope of the future”) used to detect internal bleeding in trauma patients. Studies include a comparison of image quality to those produced by full-sized ultrasound and to CT scans
  • Recognized internationally for their pioneering work trauma imaging
  • Other studies include combining emergency medicine with health prevention in the first study examining effectiveness of smoking cessation in patients referred by emergency physicians: www.quitnow.ca
  • Key discoveries include adverse drug events study, which demonstrates patients presenting with these events have a 50% greater risk of spending additional days in hospital and a 20 % higher rate of outpatient health care needs
  • Launched a province-wide, five year study that will analyze the effects of marijuana on driver responsibility in motor vehicle accidents


Emergency Medicine
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Phone: 604.875.5178