Jeff Brubacher

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Emergency Medicine Research Office Vancouver General Hospital Room JPN G401


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Associate Professor
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Road Safety
Drugs and Driving

Dr. Brubacher practices as an Emergency Physician at Vancouver General Hospital in British Columbia and as a clinical toxicologist at the BC Drug and Poison Information Centre. He is Assistant Professor in the University if British Columbia Department of Emergency Medicine, Scientist at the Centre for Clinical Epidemiology and Evaluation, and Director of the Vancouver General Hospital Emergency Medicine Research Division. Jeff’s research focuses on injury prevention with a special interest in drug impaired driving. He is principal investigator on a five year study, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research, investigating the role of cannabis in causing motor vehicle crashes. In 2011, Jeff received a Scholar Award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research.

Current Projects 

1. Cannabis and Motor Vehicle Crashes: A multicentre culpability study. This 5-year project, funded by CIHR, will study the role of cannabis in causing motor vehicle crashes.

2. Evaluation of traffic safety interventions in BC. This CIHR funded project will evaluate the effectiveness of new traffic laws around alcohol impaired driving, speeding, and cell phone use.

3. Prescription medications and the risk of motor vehicle crashes. This project, in the planning stages, will investigate the risk of motor vehicle crashes in drivers who are taking prescription medications.

4. Injured driver interviews. This planned project will investigate driver based risk factors for crashing by interviewing injured drivers treated in hospital after a crash.

5. Alcohol, stimulants and risk of injury: a multi-method emergency department study assessing the effects of gender, drinking context, and personality. I am co-Investigator on this 4 year study (funded by CIHR) of the effects of combined use of alcohol and stimulants on injury risk.

6. Examining the Effects of Alcohol Misuse on the Neuropsychological and Neuropathological Outcome from Traumatic Brain Injury: A Longitudinal Study. I am co-Investigator on the 5 year, CIHR funded, study of the effects of chronic and acute alcohol use on outcome after traumatic brain injury (TBI).