Hematology Research Program

Since its inception in 2004, the Hematology Research Program (formerly known as the Hematology Research and Clinical Trials Unit or HRCTU) has brought innovative therapies to patients with blood diseases including the creation of less toxic therapies, new methods of delivering medications (intravenous vs. pill), and the evaluation of new drug combinations. Many of these therapies have both extended the life expectancy and improved the quality of life of patients.

Key areas of research at Hematology Research Program are understanding how normal blood cells and stem cells become diseased or turn into cancers, the development of safer, more effective treatments and diagnostic tests for blood diseases. The types of blood diseases studied range from leukemia to myeloma to thrombosis (blood clotting). Through the Program's clinical trials, patients have the opportunity to participate in studies that give them access to leading edge treatments that are yet unavailable other patients.


Dr. Kevin Song, Director


  • Located at Vancouver General Hospital and BC Cancer Agency
  • The Program has over 20 principle and affiliated investigators and approximately 15 trainees
  • The Program has 30 to 40 active/ongoing clinical trials
  • Since 2005, over 7,500 cell and tissue samples have been collected from nearly 1,600 patients as part of the Hematology Cell Bank of BC
  • Hematology Cell Bank samples are available to VCH scientists and research clinicians for the development of new blood disease treatments and tests


Hematology Research Program
Diamond Health Care Centre
2775 Laurel Street, 10th floor
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1M9