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Room S178, UBC Hospital 2211 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, BC


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Helen Tremlett, PhD Currently an associate professor at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver in the Faculty of Medicine, Division of Neurology and the Canada Research Chair in Neuroepidemiology and Multiple Sclerosis. Also funded by the MS Society of Canada’s Don Paty Career Development Award and a Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Scholar award. Also holds operating grants from CIHR, the US National MS Society and the UK MS Trust. Trained in pharmacoepidemiology/ multiple sclerosis with a PhD from Cardiff University, UK. Heads the ‘Pharmacoepidemiology in MS (PiMS) Research group.’ Current research interests include: the natural history of MS; prognosis and predictors of disease progression in MS; effectiveness of the immunomodulatory drugs (IMDs) in MS; adverse effects of the MS IMDs; pharmacogenomics; MS epidemiology; cancer and MS; pregnancy outcomes and MS; impact of parental MS on childhood developmental outcomes; vitamin D, sunlight, infections and MS disease activity.