Ovarian Cancer Research [OVCARE]

OVCARE formed when a group of physicians and scientists teamed up with the vision of enhancing ovarian cancer research in BC in order to improve outcomes for ovarian cancer patients.

OVCARE’s enormous strides in research and knowledge translation have transformed the international agenda for preventing and curing this devastasting cancer.  The Centre is expanding and broadening its research to focus on improving outcomes and survival for not only ovarian cancer but also other gynecological cancers, such as endometrial cancer, through a sub-type specific approach to prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.


Dr. David Huntsman, Co-Founder and Director of the Centre
Dr. Dianne Miller, Co-Founder
Dr. Blake Gilks, Co-Founder


  • Located at Vancouver General Hospital in the Robert H.N. Ho Research Centre, Jack Bell Research Centre, and the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre, and the BC Cancer Agency
  • The Centre has 17 principle and affiliated investigators and approximately 30 trainees
  • Multidisciplinary research team, spanning basic to clinical science, allows for a true ‘bench-to-bedside’ approach
  • Global leaders in ovarian cancer research, breaking new ground in better diagnosis, preventing, and treating the disease
  • Discovered that ovarian cancer is not one disease, but actually five distinct subtypes, which is now the international standard for classification for ovarian cancer
  • Identified key genetic mutations in rare ovarian and uterine cancers which now forms the basis of the standard diagnostic approach for these cancers enabling more women to start their treatment with a correct diagnosis.
  • OVCARE’s novel ovarian cancer prevention program focused on changing common practices in gynecological surgery and risk assessment for hereditary cancer syndromes was first implemented in BC in 2010 and has since become the international standard


Ovarian Cancer Research (OVCARE) Program
675 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver B.C. V5Z 1L3
Phone: 604.675.8211
Email: info@ovcare.ca

For more information visit: www.ovcare.ca