Shannon Kolind

Degrees / Designations 

Bachelor's Degree: 

University of Victoria, 2001, B.Sc. (with Distinction) in Physics

Master's Degree: 

University of British Columbia, 2003, M.Sc. in Physics and Astronomy ("Quantitative Evaluation of Metal Artifact Reduction Techniques in MRI")

Doctoral Degree: 

University of British Columbia, 2008, Ph.D. in Physics and Astronomy ("“Myelin Water Imaging: Development at 3.0T, Application to the Study of Multiple Sclerosis, and Comparison to Diffusion Tensor Imaging”)

Email Address 
Mailing Address 
S199-2211 Wesbrook Mall Vancouver BC Canada V6T 2B5


Academic Appointment 
Assistant Professor
Body Locations and Systems 
Multiple Sclerosis
Neurologic Diseases
Spinal Cord
Spinal Cord Diseases
Spinal Cord Injury
Diagnosis and Therapy 
MRI Scans

Shannon earned her PhD in Physics at UBC developing myelin water imaging and its application to the study of multiple sclerosis (MS). She then completed a postdoctoral fellowship at FMRIB (University of Oxford) as well as the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London. While in the UK, she specialised in developing new methods to image myelin using MRI, and making them more practical for use in research. She then returned to UBC, this time in the Division of Neurology, to become an Assistant Professor. Shannon’s lab is focused on developing a toolbox of tissue-specific imaging techniques. Her multi-disciplinary team employs these multi-modal tools to achieving greater sensitivity and specificity in clinical research; particularly for clinical trials of new therapies.