Research Challenge

The challenge is on! We encourage VCH staff members to consider a practice area that might be improved and create a research project to discover how best to improve it.

Attention Point-of-Care Nursing & Allied Health Staff

Do you have a question from your clinical practice?
Do you want to learn more about the research process?
The Vancouver Coastal Health Research Challenge is for you!

The VCH Research Challenge will:

  • Provide information, mentorship and funding for you
  • Help you to learn about research and conduct your own clinical practice project
  • Answer a question you have about your clinical practice
  • The Research Challenge is designed to support point-of-care staff who do not have research experience; therefore eligible teams must include at least one member who is a point-of-care practitioner



How much award money is available for teams who are accepted into the Challenge?
Successful teams will receive up to $5,000 each in research award funding.

Who can apply to participate in the Challenge?
The Research Challenge is designed to support point-of-care staff who do not have research experience; therefore each team must include at least one point-of-care staff member. All teams can be inter-professional. All team leaders must be 0.5 or greater FTE at VCH for at least 1 year (full-time, part-time or casual).

How do I find a mentor for my team?
The best fit is to find a mentor in your department who is familiar with your work/patient environment. If you don't have someone, we will help you find a mentor!

I want to be involved, but don't know much about research - can I still participate?
The Research Challenge is perfect for you! We've designed the Challenge to teach beginners the basics of research.

A Q & A session will be held on January 16, 2020: Info Here

When are proposals due? 

  • Registration Form: February 5, 2020
  • Full Application: May 6, 2020 ***Extended until June 3, 2020

When are the workshops?

  • February 28, 2020  -  mandatory full day workshop before the full application is due for all registered teams
  • September, 2020 -  mandatory 1/2 day workshop 9am-12pm for teams who are awarded a grant
  • Additional workshop: grants crafting, quantitative/qualitative methods, data management, project management, knowledge translation, library skills,  clinical research ethics, and more (dates TBA)

Please contact for more information.

What will be expected of participants?
Applicants will find team members; complete the registration form; attend a preparation workshop in March; develop their research proposal (with support from their mentor), and submit the proposal in May.

Teams whose projects are funded will be supported with funds and a mentor to conduct their research project over a twelve-month time period, and will be expected to draft a report of the their research findings and present their research at a presentation day along with the other teams.

The Research Challenge is run in partnership with VCH Professional Practice and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute.



Registration Deadline: February 5, 2020
Application Deadline: May 6, 2020 *** Extended to June 3, 2020


2020 Forms and Documents


Additional Information

Contact Amanda Chisholm, Manager, Internal Awards