Research Challenge

The challenge is on! We encourage VCH staff members to consider a practice area that might be improved and create a research project to discover how best to improve it.

Attention Point-of-Care Nursing & Allied Health Staff

Do you have a question from your clinical practice?
Do you want to learn more about the research process?
The Vancouver Coastal Health Research Challenge is for you!

The VCH Research Challenge will:

  • Provide information, mentorship and funding for you
  • Help you to learn about research and conduct your own clinical practice project
  • Answer a question you have about your clinical practice
  • The Research Challenge is designed to support point-of-care staff who do not have research experience; therefore eligible teams must include at least one member who is a point-of-care practitioner


How much award money is available for teams who are accepted into the Challenge?
Successful teams will receive up to $5,000 each in research award funding.

Who can apply to participate in the Challenge?
The Research Challenge is designed to support point-of-care staff who do not have research experience; therefore each team must include at least one point-of-care staff member. All teams can be inter-professional. All team leaders must be 0.5 or greater FTE at VCH for at least 1 year (full-time, part-time or casual).

How do I find a mentor for my team?
The best fit is to find a mentor in your department who is familiar with your work/patient environment. If you don't have someone, we will help you find a mentor!

I want to be involved, but don't know much about research - can I still participate?
The Research Challenge is perfect for you! We've designed the Challenge to teach beginners the basics of research.

When are the information sessions? REGISTER HERE

Lions Gate Hospital - Evergreen House (Boardroom in basement)

Tuesday January 23th, 2017 1130am-1230pm

Richmond Hospital - Meeting Room 4 (rotunda area)

Wednesday January 24th, 2017 1130am-1230pm

Vancouver General Hospital - Paetzold Multipurpose Room

Thursday, January 25th, 2017  1200pm-100pm

When are proposals due? 
May 14, 2018

When are the workshops?

  • March 2018 -  mandatory full day workshop before the full application is due for all registered teams
  • Date TBA -  mandatory 1/2 day workshop 9am-12pm for teams who are awarded a grant

Please contact for more information.

What will be expected of participants?
Applicants will find team members; complete the registration form; attend a preparation workshop in March; develop their research proposal (with support from their mentor), and submit the proposal in May.

Teams whose projects are funded will be supported with funds and a mentor to conduct their research project over a twelve-month time period, and will be expected to draft a report of the their research findings and present their research at a presentation day along with the other teams.

The Research Challenge is run in partnership with VCH Professional Practice and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute.


Registration Deadline: February 13, 2018
Application Deadline: May 14, 2018

2018 Forms and Documents

Registration Form


Application Form

Mentor Guidelines

Checklist and Timeline

Additional Information

For more information, please contact Eric Liow, Coordinator, Research Education & Internal Awards  at 604-875-4111 ext 21696