Ralph Buttyan

Degrees / Designations 

BS, Biophysics and Microbiology, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA, USA, 1974

PhD, Virology, University of Chicago, Chicago IL, USA, 1980

604-875-4111 x21758
Mailing Address 
The Vancouver Prostate Centre 2660 Oak St JBRC 250A Vancouver BC V6H 3Z6


Academic Appointment 
Body Locations and Systems 
Kidneys and Urinary System
Other Areas of Research 
Benign Bladder Dysfunctions


Current Projects 
  1. The Role of Hedgehog/Gli Signaling in Prostate Cancer Progression
  2. Stem Cell Biology and Developmental Cell Lineage Transitions in Prostate Cancer Cells
  3. The Role of the Tetraspanin Web in Therapy Resistant Prostate Cancer
  4. Neuroendocrine Features of Aggressive Prostate Cancers
  5. Intratumoral Steroidogenesis