Centre for Cardiovascular Innovation [CCI-CIC]

The Centre for Cardiovascular Innovation - Centre d'Innovation Cardiovasculaire provides services to cardiovascular investigators working in British Columbia to facilitate national and international clinical trials.

The Centre for Cardiovascular Innovation – Centre d’Innovation Cardiovasculaire (CCI-CIC) is a clinical research operational centre dedicated to contributing to improving the cardiovascular health of citizens of BC and beyond, by providing physical and personnel infrastructure to enhance the research capacity of its member investigators.


Dr. David Wood, Director of the Centre 


  • CCI-CIC is an inclusive centre with multidisciplinary membership for all cardiovascular investigators in BC (basic/clinical/allied health care)
  • The Centre facilitates cardiovascular research collaboration among all tertiary care institutions in BC and helps negotiate a transformative data sharing agreement with the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)
  • 32 competitively funded investigators with over $9 million per annum in sustained research funding
  • Over 250 peer-reviewed publications per year over 5 years


Visit cci-cic.org for more information.