Operational Research Approval

All research involving Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) resources or conducted in its facilities must receive formal Operational Approval before it may begin. The Operational Approval process allows for the review and approval of research projects that impact or affect VCH services and resources. This includes, but is not limited to data, patients, staff, or the posting of research recruitment materials on its property and through its communication channels. In order to obtain Operational Approval, researchers must also provide a copy of the ethics approval certificate from their associated institutional research ethics boards. 

Requesting operational approval

The researcher must complete and sign the Operation Approval form.  All departments/units/clinics that are affected by the research must be identified, and the researcher must discuss the potential impact of the project with the manager or designate from each site.  Upon agreeing to support the research project, the manager or designate will provide their approval by written signature on the Operational Approval form.  

Please compile the completed Operational Approval form into one file and submit it to wylo.kayle@vch.ca.

Notification of operational approval

Upon receipt of the completed Operational Approval form, the form will be reviewed for completeness and accuracy.  Operational Approval is usually granted within ten (10) business days.  Following review and approval from VCH, the Certificate of Approval will be sent to the principal investigator and primary contact indicating that operational research approval has been granted.

Annual renewal of operational research approval

Operational Approval is valid for a period of one year. If the research project remains active after one year, the researcher is to complete the Request for Renewal to Conduct Research form and submit the form with a copy of the valid ethics certificate. Upon receipt of this information, a Certificate of Renewal will be emailed to the principal investigator and primary contact.

Notification of study closure

Once all data collection and analysis procedures have been completed, the study is considered closed. Please inform Wylo Kayle at wylo.kayle@vch.ca once the study has closed.